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Kolibri Experience Jam

40 People Make 6 Games in 48 Hours

October 22, 2019 | 5 minute read


A few weeks ago, together with the Games Students Collective, we hosted the first edition of the Kolibri Experience Jam — a game jam for Kolibris, friends and game enthusiasts alike. We had great fun (and hope you did too!), so in case you missed it and are impatiently waiting for the next edition, here is a little taste of what jamming with the Kolibris looks like …

So what exactly is a game jam? A game jam is when a group of people come together to make games in a short amount of time. They usually last between 24 and 72 hours and follow a certain theme that is agreed upon in advance.

Just like when musicians come together for a jam session, game enthusiasts gather to create games. Game jams are inclusive and interdisciplinary: you don’t have to be an expert game designer, a talented artist or an experienced developer to participate. Within the teams, everyone works closely together and there is usually more work than people, meaning everyone’s participation is valuable.

Designing and developing a game in such a short amount of time can be a challenging task. Since teams focus on fast delivery, it’s perfectly fine to use methods that aren’t usually considered best practice in normal game development. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll just have to get used to hacky code and unpolished assets.

Overall, game jams are a perfect opportunity to test out the waters: are you looking to break into the games industry? Thinking about transitioning to a different discipline? Joining a game jam is a great way to try things out!

A few weeks ago we brought together 40 people in the Kolibri HQ, for the first edition of the Kolibri Experience Jam. In 48 hours, Kolibris and friends brainstormed awesome ideas, hacked countless lines of code, illustrated funky assets, composed catchy tunes and all together made 6 awesome games: defend Area 51 from approaching Naruto-runners, upset a neighborhood by demolishing buildings with your UFO or use your detective skills to find out which of the escaped alien species ate a poor child.

Want to find out more? Try out some of the projects here and watch the after movie we put together for the event.


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Excited to jam some games yourself? Make sure to follow our social media channels to receive regular updates on Kolibri events. We regularly host game jams and we’d love to have you over!

Written by Tom Weber

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