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Who is: Afiz?

December 11, 2019 | 10 minute read


We Believe In People! To celebrate this core value of ours, we asked some of the people we believe in to share their Kolibri experience. From their first day at the office to daily life at the company, getting used to life in Berlin, and much more… so today, meet Afiz!

What’s your name and what do you do here?

I’m Afiz and I’m a BI Developer at Kolibri Games.

Where do you come from?

I come from Nigeria. I’ve lived in Germany since 2013 — came to Kiel for my master’s degree in economics.

What does BI Developer mean?

Basically, its a position between data engineering and data analysis. We are responsible for — how I like to call it — moving the data from one place to another and then visualizing it.

What is “the data”?

We have a lot of information about our games: how players play, where they click and where they spend, and their general behavior. That data helps us to understand what they need and to serve them better.

How much does data play into decision making?

Kolibri is very data-driven. Everyone, across all departments, tries to back up their decisions with data whenever possible. That’s the reason why our job is so important. We ensure that data gets to people and that it looks understandable.

You’ve been in Germany for quite a while, how do you like Berlin?

For me, Berlin is not that big, to be honest. I’m from Lagos, there are 20 million people in Lagos. However, Berlin seems to have this option of being calm if you want to be calm, or be active — it’s up to you. A lot happens in Berlin and you could be in the middle of that if you want to.

What do you miss most from home?

The food. I try to cook, but I’m not as good as Nigerian cooks. I have family in Hamburg, so I go there once in a while to catch up and I always get food when I visit.

If you could bring in one meal, what would it be?

It’s called “efo”. It’s basically just vegetable sauce with different kinds of fish, meat and other good stuff in it. It’s really rich and delicious.

How do you feel about the silent office?

To be honest, its something I didn’t know I was already doing before. I always have my headphones on anyway — that’s like being in a silent office because you are just by yourself. Here you can take away the headphones and still remain silent. It works well for me.

What do your parents think you do for a living?

My mum thinks I do something with data or computers. My dad has been pretty involved in my development, so he knows exactly what I do. For my mum, it’s just important that I’m happy.

How do you know when you’ve done a good job?

In Data or IT, when you’ve done a good job, no one should come to you with problems. So when everything is silent, then you know you are silently killing it and making sure things work. When things break, then everyone comes to you.

Imagine you are on a deserted island and can only take one game, which is it?

Football Manager.

What’s something that you’ve learned here?

Giving people an opportunity to prove themselves and to develop. My manager Chris just believed that I could improve, even if I maybe wasn’t where I needed to be yet. He saw my potential and my will to improve, and he believed in me. I see this in a lot of other people here.

Do you have a weird or useless skill?

I can accurately predict when the Office Managers will bring cheese to the lobby.

Written by Tom Weber


Business Intelligence Developer

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