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The People We Believe In

November 22, 2019 | 3 minute read


At Kolibri Games, 2019 was all about maturing. We have achieved incredible growth throughout the past years (can you believe that we tripled in size in 2018?!), and although we continued to grow this year, we put a lot more emphasis on maturing as a company: we improved and optimized processes and professionalized in many ways.

With this edition, we’d like to look back at our first core value — we believe in people — what that value meant for us a year ago and what it means to us today.

In August last year, our Co-CEO Daniel explained how our core values evolved from the way we approached things as a team and why they were important enough to be set in stone as core values (check out his full blog post here):

Our first value: We believe in people. We build strong teams of self-motivated people, empowered to take charge through a supportive atmosphere.

The games industry is not about tech or brands, it’s about people. We don’t hire for experience or reputation, we hire for smartness. We aim to build a true meritocracy, a work environment where the brightest heads have to most impact and the best ideas win. So this is a good place to work if you’re ambitious and are ready to take ownership of what you do.

Today, we know that all these things are only possible in an environment that allows every member of the team to personally and professionally develop — an environment with structures and processes that make people feel heard, safe and supported, an environment that values people not only for their talent or knowledge but also for their personality and character, an environment where everyone feels at home right from the first day.

So to celebrate this core value, we asked some of the people we believe in to share their Kolibri experience. From their first day at the office to daily life at the company, getting used to life in Berlin, and much more…


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Written by Tom Weber

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